About Me


My name is Eric Marx. I'm a Police Officer in the City of New York by day and a trick padlock collector and budding designer by night.

I have an extensive collection of twisty puzzles, a small, varied collection of other types of mechanical puzzles, and an impressive collection of trick padlocks. I've recently begun to focus solely on modern and antique trick padlocks because of the permanence of these creations. Inspiring the name of my blog, these puzzles are truly "Heavy Metal" and will last and outlast generations to come.

I received my first trick padlock at a young age. It was a cheap Indian lock, purchased from Bits and Pieces, along with several other mechanical puzzles. While I solved all of the puzzles and appreciated them for their uniqueness, the trick padlock "clicked" and I would open it over and over. The functionality but mystery of this object appealed immensely to me.

A few years ago, I found this padlock in the bottom of one of my drawers. I remembered how much it intrigued me as a child, did some internet research, stumbled upon the Popplocks, tripped over the ramblings of other bloggers and devolved into the madness that is puzzle collecting!

I've recently begun designing and tinkering with my own mechanisms, using both CAD and modifying existing padlocks. I hope to bring my own designs to the wider puzzle community in due time.

This blog is dedicated solely to the trick padlocks I have collected in recent years.