Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Valentines Day Lock

I'd like to start off this review by saying, BUY THIS LOCK! It is a handmade Indian antique reproduction available here. I have no affiliation with PuzzleMaster or the builder, but I do have an affiliation with worthy trick padlocks, and this is definitely worth buying. It's roughly $110 USD as of 02/15/2016 and it is one of my favorite antique reproductions to date.
It's a Heart!

I actually have owned this padlock for over a month, but haven't been able to pick it up until NYPP, held yesterday in Manhattan. I met up with my good friend Daniel Bain(and plenty of other amazing individuals!)and he was finally able to pass the lock off onto me(we ordered together to save on shipping). I didn't get around to solving it until this evening and I was very thrilled with the mechanisms and overall fun included in this padlock.

Side view for depth
So stated earlier, this lock is a handmade reproduction of an antique Indian padlock. It's constructed primarily of brass and a small amount of steel. The key also has a heart shaped motif, in keeping with the theme of the lock. This is a mid-range padlock. Not the $30 USD Indian padlocks available in many places, and not the exponentially higher-priced Popplocks.

All the same, it is a worthy padlock. If you are familiar with Indian padlock mechanisms(those of the antiques), you won't be surprised by any of the tricks contained herein, but you may be surprised in their implementation. The puzzle presents itself with a slight sheen of oil and no immediately visible keyhole. After a little bit of work, I revealed the keyhole and stuck the key inside, triumphantly. I turned the key with conviction and...the lock held fast. The typical Indian lock would have ended here, as I was so surely expecting. Imagine my surprise in finding three more required steps to open this lock!

The description put forth on PuzzleMaster is generic and inadequate for this particular lock. By my count, there are 9(!!!) steps involved in solving, fairly atypical for the Indian padlocks. Solving took me approximately 5 minutes, but as with any puzzle, mileage will vary. At the expense of sounding arrogant, I think somebody who hasn't dedicated their collection to padlocks may get roughly 20 minutes of enjoyment from this lock.  I've enjoyed solving it several times since then and honestly could not recommend it more. 

Open! Trickery Hidden.


  1. You found the perfect lock for this special day ;-)


  2. Thanks Eric. Its very hard to distinguish all the indian reproductions available. These reviews really help.

    Mike D