Friday, November 6, 2015

The Forever Lock

Originally, I was planning on running through a chronological review series of the Popplocks, but it dawned on me that this has been done several times before by several other bloggers. Instead, the majority of my future postings will consist of very rare padlocks that haven't been reviewed before.

So the first on this list, mainly because it is different, modern, and readily available for purchase, is the Forever Lock!

This trick padlock wasn't designed as a trick padlock at all. It has actually been designed as an "unpickable" padlock with a hidden key way. though the design has been picked by several skilled lock-picks. I must say, in terms of security, it's a very poor lock design. The steel isn't hardened, and the small amount of steel holding the shackle in would shatter with the swing of a small hammer.

BUT! Actual security design flaws aside, it is a very pleasant and creative locking mechanism. Including "finding" and inserting the key, I'd say it takes 8 steps to open this padlock. Even after owning this padlock for quite a while, I still find myself coming back to open it and just enjoy the subtlety of it's mechanism, as the moving parts gently click into place. It's like sweet, soothing therapy in a padlock.

Towers over that puny T8
 In terms of size, it's actually a decently large lock. It's even larger than the already massive Popplocks! The padlock is slightly over 5 1/2 inches tall, and just under 5 inches wide at it's shackle. The diameter at it's widest is roughly 2 inches. When ordered from the website below, the padlock is packaged in a simple blister held together by scotch tape. The package also includes two key "holders", shown above, and three keys.

There isn't much more to be said for this padlock, other than it is highly recommended for your collection, and readily available. Clocking in at around $100 USD after shipping, it is worth buying, and won't break the bank like some of the other trick padlocks around.

Purchase it here: The Forever Lock in three different colors! I bought it in black because Batman wears all black. Batman is a badass. Owning this lock in black basically makes me Batman. I know you hardcore puzzlers can follow that logic.



  1. Because of this post you made me aware that Forever Lock finally have their own site. I blame you for the fact that I have now ordered the door lock for my puzzle cave. I hope you're happy with yourself. ;)

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